Episode 96

Haclediad 2: Turbo // Tweet Fighter


31 March 2021

2 hrs 49 mins 18 secs

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"For You, The Day Yr Haclediad Graced Your Village Was The Most Important Day In Your Life, But For Us? It Was Tuesday.”

Mae Ffilm Di Ddim y mis yma yn epic yn y genre Game-to-Movie, peak 1994: yr anhygoel Street Fighter!

Bydd Bryn, Iestyn a Sioned hefyd yn rowndio fyny’r newyddion ar NFTs, Bitcoin a’r bolycs yna i gyd - ond mostly pennod ar Street Fighter ydy hon.

This Is Merely Superconductor Electromagnetism! Surely You've Heard Of It? It Levitates Bullet Trains From Tokyo To Osaka. It Levitates My Desk, Where I Ride The Saddle Of The World. And It Levitates...Me!

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